Gold and bling may leave us feeling like Beyoncé in a Jay Z video, but the gold face mask trend makes us wonder if the 24 carat gem is better left to hoops, rings and chains.

Granted gold face masks make for epic selfies…

but let’s be clear?—?there’s more to this mask than Sunday nights on Snapchat. Esthetician and cosmetic formulator Mary Schook told Dose “a good mask can sometimes render better results than a facial at a top spa in as little as ten minutes.”

While there are gold masks that are marketing hype, Schook advises gold does help illuminate and lift the skin while dulling away any flaws. However, she warns that unless the product clearly says it’s made with 24k gold, the mask might just be gold in color as the FDA doesn’t consider gold an active ingredient.

Active ingredient or not, we think this trend is worth trying. I mean, if its good enough for Jessica Alba and supermodel Bar Rafaeli, its good enough for us. But with beauty brands stocking shelves from Barneys New York to Sephora to CVS, it’s a hard judgment call on which gold masks are worth their weight (pun intended).

5. Ceremony of Gold by Klapp Cosmetics

Cost: Around $30 on Amazon

Schook’s clients swear by this German-made mask saying it gives an immediate glow, plumps and lifts. It also contains Vitamin C which is known to revive skin.

KLAPP Cosmetics

4. COTTA Premium Gold Hydrogel Face Sheet Mask

Cost: $40 for set of 5 on Joyus

“Hydrogel delivers collagen through the heat of your own body,” says Schook who is a fan of this particular mask. And according to beauty expert Susan Yara, this mask hydrates and fits the face better than other masks.


3. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask

Cost: $80 at Sephora

This face mask not only has 24k on the packaging, it’s also reasonably priced and available at everyday beauty retailers such as Ulta and Sephora. Schook advises that a gold face mask is only as good is its other ingredients and this PTR mask is full of interesting elements such as caffeine for tightening and peridot for re-energizing.

Peter Thomas Roth/Sephora

2. 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask

Cost: $700 from Orogold Cosmetics

Ok. This mask is definitely on the pricier side—but it has both 24k gold AND diamond dust! This mask, from Florida-based Orogold, promises a cooling effect that both buffs and reduces visibility of wrinkles.

OROGOLD Cosmetics

1. Mer D’or Paris 24K Face and Eye Mask

Cost: $3,498.00 from Mer D’or

With a Kim Kardashian price tag, you’re probably thinking a flight to Paris to is included. It’s not. But, to be fair, it does come with 10 eye and 10 facial masks. Mer D’or claims their 24k mask brightens, firms and is anti-aging. Feeling extra Kimye? Spring for the whole gold kit for a whopping 11 grand. I mean, who needs rent when you look this good.

Mer D’or Paris