An alluring cat eye is one of the most difficult makeup techniques to master. It requires an insane amount of patience and hacks like using a spoon or scotch tape only seem to lead to even more impatience and smudges galore.

Well, good news. Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils are here and they’re absolutely game-changing. The stencils fit any eye shape, so drawing the perfect cat eye is now a hassle-free technique everyone can master. You don’t even have to hold the stencil in place to keep it from moving around because it adheres to your skin. Just place it above your lash line—depending on how thick you want your liner to be—and fill in with your favorite eyeliner or shadow.

It’s extremely easy once you get the hang of it, and the results are pro-perfect.

The stencils make it easy to experiment with different eyeliner colors and patterns.

You can layer colors to get a gorgeous, on-trend rainbow look.

You can also go for a dramatic with a thick, black line that’s perfect for a night out.

Get Beth Bender Beauty’s Eye Candy Stencils here for $10.