It’s time we celebrated celebs’ bodies—of work.

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Sick of the media treating women like sex objects? Hannah Blechman and Rachel Leishman decided to flip the script to show how you can talk about someone’s hotness AND appreciate her or his work at the same time.

Meet the Hardbodies podcast, where the two women talk about hot celebrities and their “bodies” of work.

Oftentimes magazine spreads feature female celebrities talking about sex or weight loss, or only responding to questions about their bodies, while male celebs get asked about their craft. In comic-book movies, female heroes don tight-fitting suits for male fans to ogle, but the (equally hot) male heroes get full battle armor.

Hardbodies seeks to bridge that gap with humor. Hannah and Rachel talk about serious heartthrobs like Henry Cavill or Chris Pratt, without being degrading, and talk about how their hotness is inextricably linked with their work (in this case, acting). They do it all by being honest?—?they like hot dudes, they want to talk about them, and they happen to be HILARIOUS while doing it. Their general pop-culture commentary is also a breath of fresh air that distinguishes Hardbodies from the thousands of other podcasts, YouTube reviews and TV shows out there.

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