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It’s like Tinder, but for professional connections.

Unlike wine, networking doesn’t get better with age. It’s always a bit awkward no matter how far you’ve made it up the career ladder. The people behind Shapr understand this and are out to do something about it. The free networking app helps you make valuable connections with other professionals regardless of what stage you are in your career.

The Shapr algorithm suggests 10–15 profiles to users based on tagged interests, locations and professional experiences. From there, users swipe through profiles and select the people they’d like to network with. It’s Tinder for networking. If there’s a match, you can chat.

Even if you’re happy in your current role, it’s always worth it to connect with inspiring people. It will benefit you professionally and personally. Here’s how the Shapr app can help you in different phases of your career:

The Recent Graduate

No more stalking your work inspirations on Twitter. With Shapr you can connect directly with professionals or find a valuable mentor. It’s also a great place to start if you’re curious about a specific career path and want to pick the brain of a like-minded professional.

The Career Climber

When you feel you’ve outgrown your current role and want to move up and away, connections are vital. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to land your dream job. Shapr helps you play the odds by introducing you to large swaths of people within your industry.

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The One Eyeing A New Industry

Quarter and mid-life crises signal to us that it might be time for a career change. And while it’s never too late to make an abrupt change in employment, it’s not always easy. Shapr can help by introducing you to professionals in the field you’re eyeing. Take this scientist who used Shapr to meet mentors and partners during his transition from the medical research field to the nonprofit arts management industry.

The New Entrepreneur

Maybe you have a big idea that you’re ready to pursue full-force. Quality business connections can make or break your prospects. Through the networking app, you can painlessly find valuable partners or get inspiration from those who have done what you aim to achieve. Plus, the app facilitates a way for you to throw out your ideas, spread your message and get important feedback to mold your future efforts.

Try it out for yourself (and plan some connects over coffee!). Download Shapr for free?—?available for iOS and Android.

Abigail Covington