Public House

When you have the opportunity to order beer and cake together, you just do it.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about the Vanilla Stout Cake Shake and its cousin the Chocolate Stout Cake Shake, I was pretty skeptical. I’m not a huge beer person, so adding it to a perfectly good milkshake seemed crazy to me. But when I saw what it looked like, I changed my mind. Check it out:

The mind-blowing cake shake is the collaborative brainchild of Chicago pastry chef Amy Arnold and beer-focused Public House restaurant. It’s been featured on a slew of epic dessert menus because it’s just that delicious.

The chocolate cake shake contains a Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter with chocolate ice cream, sprinkles and a slice of rich chocolatey cake.

The vanilla shake combines a JP’s Casper White Stout, creamy vanilla ice cream and topped with a slab of confetti buttercream cake. No diet food here.

Just look at those delicious ???? rainbow ???? sprinkles ????

We recommend you share your cake shake with friends. Or at the very least, eat nothing else before diving into this dessert/drink/meal.