It’s the most epic Catfish of all time.

MTV’s “Catfish: The TV Show” is the Holy Mecca of reality television. Since the show premiered almost four years ago, we’ve watched cyber sleuths Nev and Max track down all sorts of WTF catfish stories that rarely end in happily ever after.

‘Catfish: The TV Show’

Recently, the show really outdid itself in an episode about a Tennessee man who asks Nev and Max to help him meet the pop star he’s been dating online for six years. His name is Spencer and his internet GF’s name is Katy Perry—maybe you’ve heard of her? According to Spencer, they’ve been in love since 2010 and he’s finally ready to pop the question. I mean, he really has a ring (made from his great-grandmother’s emerald) and all. He means business.

‘Catfish: The TV Show’/Getty

Even Nev, who’s traditionally the optimist of the two, flat out tells Spencer there is no way he’s dating the international pop star. Spencer doesn’t want to hear it.

It doesn’t take long for them to crack “Katy’s” true identity— a young woman living in England named Harriet. So they plan to travel across the pond to give Spencer the proof and closure he needs. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

Right before his flight, Spencer listens to Katy’s latest album and is convinced the singer left little clues for him on each of the tracks. On a scale of 1 to ‘Katy Perry,’ he remains a resolute ‘Katy Perry.’

‘Catfish: The TV Show’

When Spencer finally meets Harriet (who’s definitely NOT Katy Perry), he’s very disappointed. He asks her a series of questions, like what they were planning on naming their children.

Despite her spot-on answers, Spencer whispers to Nev and Max that she isn’t really the woman he’s been speaking to. Instead, he believes Katy and Harriet are friends and Katy is pranking him for funsies because that’s ~*~totally~*~ something Katy would do.

This confuses even the show’s crew members.

‘Catfish: The TV Show’

Spencer, if you’re reading this, let me be VERY clear: YOU HAVE NOT BEEN DATING KATY PERRY. In the past six years, she married and divorced Russell Brand and dated both John Mayer and Orlando Bloom. This is public knowledge. Please go to for more information.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a real field day with Spencer’s “Catfish” episode.

Still no word from Katy if she “Punk’d” Spencer. Check out the first 10 minutes of the episode on MTV’s YouTube channel.