We’re all familiar with the good ol’ IKEA hack

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Well, this one might just take the cake. It’s simple, versatile and only costs $10

ICH Designer

As with any great hack, you start with something simple?—?the IKEA Sultan Lade slatted bed base.


It’s used to support the weight of a mattress on many of IKEA’s bed frames, and is often unseen completely?—?until now, thanks to German designer Kristina Steinmetz.

You mount the slatted frame (that comes connected by cloth strips) to the wall using sturdy brackets.

ICH Designer

With this base, you can use S-hooks to hang items from any room of your house.

ICH Designer

It’s simple, stylish and an amazing use of vertical space for small apartment living.

So, head on over to your closest IKEA and try not to spend all your money on throw pillows and $2 scented candles.

ICH Designer