Do you ever think life would be better if you had more access to things like beer, ice cream, tacos and pizza? WELL, I’m about to tell you that those delicious things are way more accessible than you think, thanks to a newly discovered iPhone hack.

When you’re looking to hit up the bars after work, but aren’t familiar with what’s in the area, all you have to do is pull up Spotlight Search on your iPhone and type in the beer emoji. BAM—a whole list of nearby bars and beer gardens will come up. You’ll also notice your phone will pull up a list of “suggested websites” to check out like where to find the best happy hours with karaoke, which is obviously relevant.

The same thing goes for ice cream. If you’re in desperate need of a chocolate-vanilla swirl cone on a hot day but can’t muster the energy to walk further than a few blocks (trust me, I’ve been there), simply type in the ice cream emoji. Voilà.

The emoji-iPhone trick also works for other things like donuts, bakeries (cookie emoji), sushi, tacos, fast food (burger, hot dog or fries emoji), brunch (egg emoji) and more.

You can test it out by trying out a bunch of different emojis in Spotlight search. I know I did, and now I’m never going to spell again. I found nearby produce stores by typing in a fruit emoji, the weather forecast by putting in a cloudy lightning bolt emoji, and even the nearest barber shop just in case I need to change my identity ASAP for that sus thing I did last summer.

Obviously, you can literally type in bars, ice cream, salons etc. and the same menu options will come up—but we all know that it’s way easier to communicate with emojis. It’s the language of the future, and apparently, Siri is already on board ????.