Damn kid, ya look good.

Here she is: Lithuania’s most beautiful goat.

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Goats are like, so hot right now. But in the Lithuanian village of Remygala, these trash-eating livestock are more than cute internet memes?—?they’re full-on beauty queens.

Now in its seventh year, Remygala’s goat beauty pageant kicks off festivities with a brass band march followed by a parade of contestants decked out like Coachella attendees in flower crowns and peasant tops.

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Then six of the prettiest goats are selected to go on display before a panel of judges, including a local member of parliament, the head of a local school, and of course, the grand poobah of goat beauty: a cucumber farmer.

Sadly, there is no bathing suit or talent portion of the competition, but the goats do get to battle it out for a bevy of prizes including cakes, jars of honey, and coupons for a haircut.


There’s also this lady, the event organizer dressed in Medieval Times garb who promises that the “nicest goat with the nicest skin” will “be crowned with a crown that is no worse than mine.” That’s not saying much, pal.


This year’s lucky winner was Demyte, or “Little Spot,” who surely used her feminine wiles and sassy beard to win over that cucumber farmer. Let’s hope she gets a scholarship to goat college, too.

Check out all the pomp here: