Be a kid and fight adult weight gain at the same time.

I used to be athletic. In high school, I would workout every single day and push my body as far as I could. Then, I discovered the world of laziness. The time I previously used to dedicate to my physical health turned into countless hours sitting on my couch binge-watching “Dawson’s Creek.” It wasn’t until my butt left a permanent dent in my couch that I realized I was extremely lazy.

I decided to get a gym membership two blocks away from my apartment to motivate myself to become active again. In the year I had a membership, I probably only went 10 times.

It wasn’t because the gym sucked or anything like that, I just lacked the motivation to get moving. Somehow, me running on a treadmill or doing a Zumba class didn’t seem appealing. Even as the big musical theater enthusiast I am, the “Hamilton” spin class didn’t really persuade me to leave my couch like I had hoped. I needed something more.

Then, as if the gym gods had heard my cries, a new type of workout appeared: AG6.

YouTube—Exergame Fitness

Asphalt Green in the Upper East Side of Manhattan converted a room into an interactive experience that uses PRAMA technology to help gym users push themselves to the limit. PRAMA is a trend that’s popping up all over Europe. Interactive flooring and walls with lights creates an arcade-like atmostphere.

You use the lights to hit different targets on walls and floors. Once you’ve hit the light, it will turn off and another light will turn on, prompting you run to the next light target to turn it off.

The program, AG6, uses the PRAMA technology to target the entire body. The 45-minute workout includes training in speed, reaction time, balance, endurance, strength and agility. It pretty much looks like Insanity with a Tron twist.

YouTube—Exergame Fitness

Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere close to New York City, but you can bet your butt I’d be in there every single day if that meant I could partake of a workout that feels more like child’s play.