We’ve gotta see this—by ‘see,’ we mean taste.

I think we might have found the newest candidate for invention of the year: the Somabar, a “robotic bartender,” is primed to become the Keurig machine of the alcohol world. But wait, there’s more! It’s wi-fi operated, so if you’re looking for a little hair of the dog in the morning, you can order drinks from the comfort of your bed. Of course, once it’s finished, you’ll have to go get it (it’s not that incredible).

The Somabar, which started as a Kickstarter and raised upwards of $300,000, will reportedly come equipped with the capability to make over 300 different cocktails—all it takes is a couple taps on your phone’s touch screen. Not to mention, if you’re someone who enjoys your own “special” drink, you’ll have the option to program it into Somabar’s catalog for future use.


According to Liz Steelman of Real Simple, Somabar will operate using six different Soma Pods, which essentially act as K-Cups except they’re refillable. You can incorporate different liquors, mixers, syrups and bitters. For your convenience, the machine self-washes itself after each drink—so you don’t have to worry about gunk building up over time—and the pods themselves are machine washable.

As remarkable as the machine sounds—it’s not perfect. As Steelman points out, Somabar can’t add garnishes (like cherries) to your drinks, it can’t shake drinks (sadly the machine doesn’t have arms), and it won’t leave your drink especially cold, either. But you can solve all of these problems with just the slightest touch of human effort.

Somabar pre-order is available now (in six different colors) for $429, and while the release date hasn’t been revealed yet, there’s a good chance that the machine will be ready this holiday season. Wouldn’t make a half bad gift, either, eh?