The best part? The boys perform skits to ask their dates out.

Picture this: You’re crushing on Rob, the dreamy guy in your math class who loves Drake and doodling on notebooks as much as you do. You daydream about having a “Pretty in Pink” moment at the school dance, where you and Rob finally show your undying adoration for each other in front of the entire school. Only problem is, you and Rob have never spoken.

If you’re a student at Aquin High School, though, you might actually have a chance with Rob, thanks to their prom lottery system. Yes, lottery system. The Freeport, Illinois high school relies on the luck of the draw to assign prom dates, according to Yahoo Style. The school has been assigning dates since 1926, making this the 91st year of the tradition.

It works like this: Junior and senior boys randomly draw names in the school library, while the girls wait in the gym. The boys then enter the gym and perform choreographed skits to ask their dates to prom (clearly putting “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Pretty in Pink” promposals to shame).

Senior boys performing. | WTVO

Korey Korosec, an Aquin senior, says the lottery system makes the dance fun for everyone. “No matter who you get, you know you’re going to have a good time,” he told WTVO. “It doesn’t leave anybody out. Everyone’s welcome to join, and no one’s not going to have a date.”


While there are many positive things about this tradition, there are obvious setbacks, as well. For one, teens might want to go to prom with the person they’re actually dating to avoid super-awkward pictures. The lottery system reflects traditional views of boy-girl heterosexuality—what if a student wants to attend prom with someone of the same sex? Or, what if you get matched with your ex? Or worse, your mortal enemy?


Still, Aquin’s lottery makes prom planning simpler, eliminating some of the stress and anxiety around the event. You don’t have to panic about having your crush turn down your epic promposal in front of the entire school, or ending up on the dance floor alone and dateless.

At Aquin, you just rely on fate to work its magic in your favor.