Serein Wu

Sephora offers complimentary beauty classes and they’re so worth it.

When it comes to my makeup routine, I like to keep things simple: eyeshadow, mascara and foundation. However, if I’m going out to the bars with friends, I might attempt a dramatic, winged eyeliner—which typically ends up looking like a third grader’s art project. So, when I found myself in need of some artistic guidance, the Sephora goddesses were there to help me.

I signed up for Sephora’s free “Bold Smoky Eye” class not knowing exactly what to expect. The makeup chain offers a slew of free classes, from “No-Makeup Makeup” to “Contour and Highlight” to “False Lashes.”

I showed up to class eager to transform into someone who could pass as a cousin to the Kardashian’s—distant cousin, at the very least. When I arrived, I was given my own makeup station with brushes, an eyeshadow kit, an eyeliner pencil and instructions on how to perfect the bold, smokey eye.

A model and a makeup artist sat in the center of the studio so we could follow along. After the demonstrations were completed, artists came around to offer assistance. While I’m still not a pro, I definitely left the class with some savvy tricks up my sleeve.

1. Step One: Eye cream, concealer, primer

The first step was to remove my eye makeup and start from scratch—that included dabbing on some eye cream to ensure the sensitive eye area stays hydrated. Next, I smoothed primer over my eyelids and topped it off with some concealer. After a couple of light layers, I looked (and felt) rejuvenated.

Eye Cream?—?Caudalie, $99

Concealer—Make Up Forever, $27

Primer—Urban Decay, $20

Step 2: Eyeshadow layering

This was the coolest step in the process to learn because mixing and matching was something I always wanted to master.

Using Smashbox’s Full Exposure Palette, I was coached to apply a vanilla eyeshadow base from my lash line to brow. Next, I went two shades darker with a thinner brush in the crease of my eyes using a “windshield wiper” motion. I took that same color and applied it to the bottom of my eyes—right under the lashes— to create a smokey appearance.

The next part involved blending it all together to create a pretty, layered look. I chose a sparkly gold shadow as my main color and went HAM on applying it because in my world, the more glitter the better. The makeup artist even suggested I wet my brush for a more glitterfied look (YASS!).

Eyeshadow Palette—Smashbox, $52

Step 3: Make it pop with eyeliner and mascara

The last step was to apply a layer of eyeliner to make my eyes look fuller. I was told to apply the liner as close to the lashes as possible so it blends. The real kicker came when I applied mascara—it fully transformed my look from daytime chic to I’ma movie star, watch me sparkle.

Eyeliner—Make Up Forever, Aqua XL eye pencil, $21

Mascara—Dior Overcurl, $29.50

Biggest takeaways:

—Wet your brush to amplify the color of your eyeshadow

—You can totally use eyeshadow as eyeliner

—Run a clean makeup brush over your eyeliner to blend for a smokey effect

—Mix darker eyeshadow shades towards the lashes and lighter colors towards the brow

—Applying eyeshadow two shades darker than your base in the crease of your eye makes all the difference

—Apply pressure on your lashes when putting on mascara and maneuver between the lashes

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