Freeform’s new show is basically “PLL” meets “Gossip Girl.”

“Pretty Little Liars” will be airing its final episodes in April 2017. That means no more throwing things at your TV every time we get a misleading clue about who Uber “A” is. Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison will definitely be missed, but after seven seasons, all good things must come to an end—but the good news is there’s a brand new show to take its place.

‘Pretty Little Liars’

“PLL” creator I. Marlene King is working on a new series for Freeform called “Famous In Love” and it looks AMAZING. Starring Bella Thorne (yasssss), the series—based on the novels by Rebecca Serle—revolves around an ordinary girl named Paige trying to make it big in Hollywood. When she scores a major role in a movie franchise, she’s suddenly thrown into a glamorous world full of madness, shirtless hunks and DRAMA.

It sounds like we’ll definitely get our “PLL” fix because we already have a ton of questions about what’s going to happen. Will Paige compromise her old lifestyle for Hollywood? Which hot guy will she end up with? We’re getting major “Gossip Girl” vibes, too. Paige will likely run into the Hollywood versions of Blair and Serena, so it’ll be interesting to see if she pulls a Jenny Humphrey by trying to fit into their fancy world.

‘Gossip Girl’

“Famous In Love” debuts April 2017, directly following the spring premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.” Check out the trailer below!