Hint: It’s a cinch.

It’s no secret that freezing different foods and drinks can enhance them. Anyone who’s ever thrown all of their Halloween candy in the freezer as a kid probably knows this. However, there’s one item you probably haven’t considered: coffee.

On the surface, the idea of frozen coffee might sound a bit counter-intuitive. Frozen coffee? Doesn’t sound like too much of a morning jolt. However, the key to great coffee is not to actually freeze a mug of filtered coffee. Rather, the beans themselves prior to brewing. This discovery comes on the heels of a new study published in Scientific Reports, which claims that the best tasting cup of coffee is one that is brewed from frozen beans.

With the help of some local coffee shops, researchers from the University of Bath used different temperature coffee grounds to gauge any variances in flavor. After experimentation, researchers found that there really is a correlation between temperature and flavor—albeit, that connection might be more complex than it sounds.

According to Daniel Barna of MyDomaine, the secret behind using frozen beans resides with the consistency of the ground. As Barna writes, “the colder the beans, the more consistent the grind, which ultimately enhanced the flavor of the coffee.” When brewing coffee, you want all of the particles to get extracted at the same rate; this is what will lead to the most consistently smooth, full bodied, flavor. It is typically ideal to strive towards the finest sized particles, as the finest ground beans will usually reduce the room for deviation (within things like taste and strength).

Results showed that grinding warmer coffee beans can shift “both the mode and spread of the particle size distribution,” so by using warm—or even room temperature—coffee beans to brew your coffee, you’ll make it more difficult to consistently make the same cup of coffee. While this study might be a bit inconclusive when it comes to brewing the “best tasting cup of coffee,” there is scientific evidence to believe that frozen beans will lead to the most consistent tasting cup of coffee, brew in and brew out.

At the end of the day, why not try it? Throw your coffee beans in the freezer and see how it tastes—if all else fails, at least you’ve got more counter space.