Would you pay $1,000 to never fold clothes again?


Look, we get it. Doing laundry is a pain. The most dreadful part? Folding. The. Damn. Clothes.

But what if you could take a load (pun intended) off your to-do list, and save the time and hassle of folding clothes? What if you could buy a giant, fax-machine-esque robot to do this routine task for you?

If this sounds like a dream come true, behold the Foldimate, the worst/best invention at CES 2018.

The $980(!!) laundry-folding robot made its debut last year at the world’s largest tech convention, with the original concept including a robot that perfumed and de-wrinkled clothes. While that sounds great, it also took 10 seconds to fold each garment and had a maximum capacity of 20. Yikes.

This year, it came back to CES with a fresh makeover. The new prototype is supposedly speedier and more efficient, spitting out stacks of laundry in just two to four minutes. But before dropping all your Christmas cash, there’s a catch. If you’re hoping for the robot to sort through your socks and underwear, the Foldimate sadly wouldn’t be of any help. It has a strict list of things it can handle, including button-ups, pants, towels and pillowcases. Along with socks and underwear, bulkier items like sweaters are a no-go for the machine.

The company plans to begin shipping out the Foldimate in “late 2019,” which gives you plenty of time to master your own folding skills. If it’s still a hassle and you’d really rather have a robot fold your towels, you can preorder the laundry-folding robot right here.