‘If you’d told me 10 years ago this would happen, I wouldn’t believe you.’

* * *

Six years ago, when he was 21, Barry Farmer’s life took on a whole new meaning. The foster parent from Richmond, Virginia, decided to adopt Jaxon, the eight-year-old boy he’d been fostering for six months.

Farmer himself grew up as a foster child. Once he got to court with Jaxon, the pair had a strong connection, and Farmer couldn’t see himself as anything but a father to him.

“Knowing that the adoption was very final, that means I’m finally his father, he accepted me as his father. Those moments are unforgettable,” he later told WTVR, a local news outlet.

Barry Farmer / Adopt U.S. Kids

After adopting Jaxon, Farmer thought it would be nice if he had a sibling. So, in 2013, Farmer started looking for another child to bring into the family. He found out about Xavier, an 11 year old, from ‘Adopt U.S. Kids’, a site run by the U.S. Children’s Bureau that has a list of more than 5,000 children and young people who are available for adoption.

Farmer maintains that when it comes to adoption, age makes no difference. All they need is some security, some love, some attention, stability,” he says.

The following year, 4-year-old Jeremiah came to Farmer’s home for temporary care. After a while of caring for him, it became obvious to Farmer and his two sons that Jeremiah was a part of the family.

In 2016, Farmer officially adopted Jeremiah as his son.

Though Farmer and his family may turn heads in public from time to time, peoples’ opinions on interracial families and transracial adoptions are far from their minds.

“Skin does not separate us, it does not define our family,” he says. “It’s just a part of our family.” Like any good father, Farmer focuses on giving his kids love and the opportunity to thrive.

Top photo: Inside Edition