“Pre-mixed with gin” is my personal favorite.

Like any team of self-respecting young professionals, we here at OMG headquarters have a serious LaCroix problem. There are cans strategically stocked all over the office and I’ve had violent arguments over whether the mango or grapefruit flavor is better (it’s mango, Brenna. Accept it and move on).

We’re not alone in our addiction?—?its sales more than doubled to at least $225.5 million in two years and there’s embroidered fan art dedicated to the trendy seltzer. Really.

So imagine our delight (and subsequent drop in productivity) when we heard about MyLaCroix.com, a nifty site that lets you design custom cans for every flavor your twisted mind can think up. Not affiliated with LaCroix itself, the 90s-looking site simulator has brought out the best and worst of the internet, per usual.

Here are the standout creations so far:

“Pre-mixed with gin”

LaCroix and gin for President.


Official drink of yuppie Hogwarts students.


We get it, Gen Z. We get it.

“Lost Childhood”

Too real.


LaCroix rosé all day.

“Pumpkin Spice”

Unacceptable in every single way.

“Swedish Fish”

I think I love it?


You guys are never going to let this go, are you?