Wee little goats = the perfect gift for any occasion.

Favorite farm animal? I’ll wait. Favorite stop at the petting zoo? Favorite Chinese zodiac sign? The answer to all: the goat. Personally, I’d love a “kid” of my own, but ya know, I live in an apartment. In an urban environment. And I don’t even properly care for myself. Also, poop sounds hard. Thank the gods someone sensed my pain and created a business to address the empty, goat-shaped void in my heart.

YouGoatMail.com will send you the baby goat you’ve always wanted.

OK, it will be a stuffed, plush baby goat—but STILL.

Look, here comes one now!


OK, I know you’re probably questioning the validity of this. Could this really be real? Is someone yanking your tail?

You Goat Mail

But it’s actually a legit business making dreams come true, one goat at a time.

It’s the best love letter you could possibly send—or, a meaningful way to end a friendship.


For a mere $27.99 plus shipping.

Don’t care how; I want it now.