‘Stranger Things’

This past July, “Stranger Things” debuted on Netflix and became the most bingeable show of the year. And while Netflix has yet to greenlight a second season, that hasn’t stopped the internet hive mind from speculating about the show and its characters.

But one character is receiving far more attention than any of the others. Eleven might not have much dialogue in the series, but she drives most of the plot and the uncertainty regarding her background makes her an easy target for fan theories.


The conjectures regarding Eleven’s character range from the unlikely (Eleven is Hopper’s daughter) to the amazing (Eleven will grow up to be Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”).

But the most convincing theory currently making the rounds was originally published in a video by UpRoxx. And this theory posits that Eleven and the monster are actually two sides of the same coin.

Intrigued? You should be. Here’s how this makes sense:

Eleven spent her entire life in Hawkins Lab, where she had limited human contact and was repeatedly subjected to drugs intended to enhance and test the limits of her telekinetic powers.

The monster?—?or Demogorgon, as it’s referred to in the show?—?is the physical embodiment of Eleven’s fear. That’s why when we see the monster for the first time, it’s not in the real world or the Upside Down, but in a completely black space devoid of context. UpRoxx believes that this space might be representative of Eleven’s mind.

Duality is a major theme within “Stranger Things.” The light of the real world is pitted against the darkness of the Upside Down. Similarly, Eleven’s powers and desire to do good is set against the monster’s powers and desire to wreak havoc.

Viewers are first introduced to the Demogorgon when the boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons. The Demogorgon is a monster with two heads, each with its own individual mind and thoughts. One head represents destruction and the other, deception. And, similar to Harry Potter’s relationship with Voldemort, neither can live while the other survives. That’s why when Eleven banishes the monster, she disappears as well.

Then there’s the fact that Eleven blatantly says, “I am the monster.” So maybe it makes sense to take her at her word.

So far, the internet seems largely on board with the theory.

And there’s a definite upside to this theory proving correct. If Eleven and the monster are two halves of the same whole, and if Eleven was unsuccessful at killing the monster, then in all likelihood, Eleven is still alive and well. Which means we get to see more of Millie Bobby Brown.

And that’s a theory I think everyone can get behind.