North Coast Music Festival runs September 2–4 in Chicago’s Union Park.

Guys, believe it or not, September is right around the corner, which means brisk weather, pumpkin spice lattes and holiday responsibilities are upon us. I know, it’s sad to think that your beach days, sleeping in till noon and bonfires with friends are coming to an end—but if you’re anything like me, the best way to cope with EOSD (end of summer depression) is by listening to a killer playlist.

You’ll also want to grab your flower crowns one last time for Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival in Union Park. The three-day festival brings out the buzziest artists and musicians over Labor Day weekend for the ultimate end-of-summer festival experience. This year’s diverse lineup includes Zedd, Grouplove, Ty Dolla $ign and Umphrey’s McGee to name a few. When you’re not enjoying music on one of the six stages, you can also experience the festival in the vibrant artist’s community. There will be a local artist pop-up gallery in addition to the Living Gallery, where you have the opportunity to watch painters in action while listening to a curated channel on headphones. AMAZING.

We’ll be covering North Coast’s six stages full of hip hop, electronic, indie and jam bands, and we’ve created a playlist of songs from our favorite artists performing that make for some great end-of-summer jams.

1. “Hyper Dark”?—?Sleigh Bells

The Brooklyn noise-pop duo’s recent single is the synth ballad to sum up all of your angst about summer ending. Its raw guitar mixed with ambient vocals creates a low-key sound that’s addicting to listen to.

2. “Never Alone”—Raury

Emerging hip hop artist Raury debuted “Never Alone” a few weeks ago and it’s been on repeat ever since. The uplifting track was inspired by the Atlanta native’s skydiving experience, and the youthful anthem full of hope reminds us to live out summer ’16 to its fullest.

3. “Starving”—Hailee Steinfeld feat. Zedd & Grey

The soft, acoustic nature of this song is the ultimate chill out jam. Whether you’re doing chores or figuring out your party plans, you can throw on this song and let Hailee’s voice and the catchy beats take you away.

4. “Say My Name”—ODESZA feat. Zyra

You’ll definitely want to get up and dance to this—and not just because that’s what the lyrics are saying. Its infectious beat and Zyra’s vocals make it an awesome end-of-summer song to chill out or get down to.

5. “No Justice”—Ty Dolla $ign feat. Big TC

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a tough year with terrifying events happening all over the world. Ty Dolla $ign’s new song “No Justice’ reflects on the tragedies involving police officers killing black men. It’s the kind of emotion and honesty music needs right now.

6. “Grouplove”—Do You Love Someone

Grouplove’s new song may be about a doomed relationship, but its upbeat, alternative grove also makes it something you’ll want to dance to. The eclectic mix of guitar and bass with the singer’s falsetto will totes make you want to jam out on air guitar while directing your anger at your ex.

7. “Tongue”—Edamame

Fall into a trance with Edamame’s electronic piano, strings and ambient vocals. Edamame may be all instrumental beats, but he doesn’t fall short of delivering something dynamic. Crank up “Tongue” while making your to-do list, organizing your fall wardrobe, etc.—the blissful vibe is guaranteed to put you right in the zone.

8. “Back Pocket”—Vulfpeck

The Michigan funk group brings sunny vibes in this catchy track. The melodic vocals with the electric guitar riff make me want to skip through a grassy field of flowers and pause the clock so summer doesn’t end.

9. “LSD”—Jamila Woods feat. Chance The Rapper

Anything these Chicago natives collaborate on is pure magic—from “Sunday Candy” and “Blessings” to this new track of Jamila’s where they blend soul and funk to create a sultry sound, this duo is on fire. BT dubs, the song isn’t about drugs, but a poetic ode to Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive, showcasing their hometown pride.

10. “Bad Friday”—Umphrey’s McGee

Everyone’s had a bad Friday, you know? Instead of letting it get to you, just crank the volume on your headphones and jam out with Umphrey’s McGee. The progressive rock band will magically lift your spirits.

11. “The Jam”—Logic

The underground rapper‘s gritty tone and self-aware lyrics hook you into his music. His 2016 mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” was well-received by critics praising his cross-genre appeal. Plus, he gets the struggle of making a name for yourself, a struggle that most of us can relate to.

Find out more about North Coast Music Festival here!