Beauty hacks can sometimes be more work than they’re worth. What makes a flashy and fun Instagram video isn’t always going to make applying lashes or lip liner any easier. If you’re a makeup novice who wants to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank, hacks can be incredibly helpful.

We had no idea that the tool we need to pull off quick makeup application has been in our kitchen drawer this whole time! With nothing more than a spoon, you can completely transform the way you work with your everyday beauty products. Here are a few ways in which you can use a spoon to speed up your morning makeup routine.

1. Get a sculpted contour


Hold a spoon face down on the apples of your cheeks, then use a contour brush to apply your contour cream or powder just underneath it. It should extend from your hairline, near your ear, to the end of the spoon, and point toward the upper corner of your lips. Blend it out so it’s seamless, then apply your blush where you held the spoon.

2. Create a marbled nail polish


Use a spoon as your palette when creating a marbled polish. Mix your colors in the spoon using a bobby pin. Then slide the polish to the edge by tilting the handle. After that, you can place your nail bed along the edge, rolling it into the paint to get a clean application.

3. Curl lashes and apply mascara


Scared of eyelash curlers? Use a spoon instead. Hold the edge of the spoon just behind your top lashes and press them between the edge of the spoon and your thumb to give them a lifted look. Also, avoid messy mascara marks by holding the spoon over your eyelid or under your lower lash line while applying mascara.

4. Apply a sharp winged liner


Hold the edge of the spoon’s handle up against the outer corner of your eye to create the bottom of the wing. Then use the edge of spoon to create the top, connecting them in a sharp point. Use your liner pen or brush to fill it in.

5. Get rid of undereye bags and reduce inflammation

Her Beauty

Keep a clean spoon in your fridge or freezer and hold it over eye bags or pimples. Swelling and redness will totally disappear.

6. Fix shattered compacts

Happy Treasuress

If your precious powder compact takes a tumble, you don’t always have to buy a new one. Collect as much of the product as you can back into the compact and pour a capful of rubbing alcohol over it. Then use a spoon to reshape and flatten the product into the compact. Let it sit for 24 hours to dry, and then you should be able to use it!

7. Create custom lip colors

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Place a dime-size amount of Vaseline or lip balm in a spoon and hold it over a flame or hot stove until it melts. Then mix that with a little bit of lipstick for some color. Or mix two colors together for a custom product. Mix the Vaseline and lipstick together and let it solidify.

8. Get perfectly-arched brows

Beauty Glimpse

Hold a spoon facedown over your eyelid while you’re filling in your brow with powder or pencil. You’ll get a perfectly arched brow every time.