I dare you to find a girl* who doesn’t want this unicorn lamp in every room of her home.

*Or man. Men can like unicorns, too, and I applaud those who do.

Good news, unicorn lovers—you can make this lamp all on your own with a few rather basic supplies.

You probably already have a drill and hot glue gun, so add to that a cheap Barbie unicorn, a lamp kit, some wiring accessories and some DIY magic.

1. Drill a hole through the body of your unicorn.

To protect your unicorn, tape around the body first. Drill slowly to make sure you’re perpendicular to the tabletop. Make sure your hole is large enough to fit the lamp wiring tube.

2. Thread the wiring through the pipe, slide the pipe through the unicorn’s body, and follow the kit’s instructions to string on the remaining parts.

3. Loosen the side screws, wrap the exposed wire around the base, and re-tighten the screws to hold the wire securely.**

** This step is crucial, so follow the instructions carefully, or the lamp won’t turn on.

4. Slide on the casing, screw it into the base and make sure all pipe pieces are secured.

5. Use hot glue to secure your unicorn’s feet—along with the pipe base and cord—to your wooden block.

6. Tape up your unicorn’s hair and spray paint everything gold.


7. Finally, add your lampshade, and let this lovely unicorn light up your life!

All images from Brit+Co