The ‘Project Runway’ mentor says it’s a disgrace average women are being ignored in the fashion world.????????????

You might recall certain stars speaking out against the fashion industry’s refusal to dress women over a certain size—which is pretty appalling considering the average American woman wears between a size 16 and 18.

First there was Leslie Jones’ whole dilemma when a designer allegedly refused to dress her for the “Ghostbusters” premiere. Then, “Orange Is the New Black” actress Dascha Polanco revealed she was turned down by certain designers who said she was too large to dress.

Well, we might have a real shot at breaking the size barrier—or at the very least, shedding some light on how ridiculous the whole “sizeism” thing is. Fashion industry leader Tim Gunn wrote a candid piece for the Washington Post about the “disgrace” of the fashion world’s lack of size diversity.

There are 100 million plus-size women in America, and, for the past three years, they have increased their spending on clothes faster than their straight-size counterparts. There is money to be made here ($20.4 billion, up 17 percent from 2013). But many designers?—?dripping with disdain, lacking imagination or simply too cowardly to take a risk?—?still refuse to make clothes for them.

Along with designers only wanting to dress a very slim size, Gunn points out that at the end of the day, it shows a lack of creativity on the designer’s part.

This a design failure and not a customer issue. There is no reason larger women can’t look just as fabulous as all other women. The key is the harmonious balance of silhouette, proportion and fit, regardless of size or shape. Designs need to be reconceived, not just sized up; it’s a matter of adjusting proportions.

YASSS. He also admits that “Project Runway” hasn’t always done the best part about addressing the issue. Gunn says the “Real Women” challenge—a title he claims to hate—merely enforces the “type” in Hollywood, when in reality, all bodies should be celebrated.

So, in the words of Tim Gunn, the fashion industry just needs to “make it work.” Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel beautiful and look stylish AF.

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