Bon Temps, we miss you.

It’s been two years since “True Blood” ended, and if you’re anything like me, you’re thirsty for more vampire, werewolf and fairy drama—and more baby vamp Jessica. OK, and definitely more flaming hot chemistry between Sookie and Eric. Actually, all of the above.

Well, good news. According to the New York Post, the HBO vampire series could be making its way to Broadway in the form of a musical.

“True Blood: The Musical” is officially in the works!

‘True Blood’

The theatrical adaptation is reportedly being workshopped with director Pam MacKinnon, and the cast includes Ellen Foley, Claybourne Elder and Ann Harada.

While you might be a little skeptical about “True Blood” turning into a musical, fans should know that it’s in good hands. The show’s creator Alan Ball is said to be working alongside the production, and composer Nathan Barr, who scored the TV series is directing the music—which fans know was a huge part of the show.

In fact, two years ago Barr announced that he wanted to adapt “True Blood” into a musical, which would “return to the roots of the show.” If by “roots” he meant the gritty, Southern feel to the show and the mysterious characters that hooked us in and we fell in love with—we’re sold.

Just like the TV series, the musical would be set in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

‘True Blood’

Aaaand as we know, lurking in Bon Temps we have a slew of vampires, werewolves, fairies, vampire-fairy hybrids and other supernatural creatures. We would also expect to see our favorite places like Merlotte’s and Fangtasia.

Seeing as though the show (especially in later seasons) was criticized for being too-over-the-top, we can imagine that a theatrical production would translate extremely well.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious about how the steamy sex scenes will work on stage, since they relied heavily on effects. Also, can Alexander Skarsgard return as Eric and be shirtless again? That’d just be to die for.