Don’t mind us—just living life like a fairytale!

Mermaids are having a moment. There’s mermaid home decor, mermaid bathing suits and now, thanks to AquaMermaid’s classes, we’re all just one hour away from transforming into the sea-dwelling goddesses we were always meant to be.

A cross between aqua fitness and wish fulfillment, AquaMermaid’s classes are open to people of all ages, genders and swimming abilities. Classes for kids are geared more towards games, while adult classes focus more on creating a full body workout.

When you think of mermaids, you generally think of sandy beaches, but AquaMermaid was originally founded in Canada and is currently located in three Canadian cities—Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. If you’re an American mermaid, you can take classes at the company’s Chicago location or as a guest at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. AquaMermaid expects to continue expanding, so look for more mermaid schools popping up in your neighborhood.

A contingent of Dose ladies headed out to AquaMermaid‘s Chicago school to see if life really is better under the sea (spoiler alert: it is). Here’s what we learned.

Dee Fabbricatore/Dose

Tail As Old As Time

Owner and “Head Mermaid,” Nora Kaitis, advised us to come to class wearing either a one or two-piece bathing suit and to bring goggles and a swim cap. We’re all pretty vain, so none of us used our swim accessories, but we did see a girl who had the foresight to bring her own seaweed to braid into her hair. Mad mermaid props to her.

Dee Fabbricatore/Dose

AquaMermaid provided each of us with a tail, which zips over a monofin, which is what you use to propel yourself through the water (according to Nora, the tail also engages your core, which explains why I woke up this morning convinced I had an ab). In my personal opinion, figuring out how to attach the monofin to the tail was the hardest part of class. Which is an indication of just how fun it was.

Dee Fabbricatore/Dose

Also, pro tip: Put the tail on next to the water, otherwise you have to hop over to the edge of the pool like a human idiot.

Moving Like A Mermaid

Once we were in the water, our instructors took us through the three basic mermaid strokes: dolphin kicking on our fronts, dolphin kicking on our backs, and dolphin kicking on our sides. The mermaids in our class demonstrated varying levels of swimming competency. There were a few mermaid collisions, but even those were kind of glamorous, like two prima ballerinas colliding onstage.

We learned how to do the mermaid wave (hips down, tail up, that’s the way I like to float. I just made that up—AquaMermaid, it’s yours if you want to use it.) The last ten minutes of class were devoted to free swim, during which we learned how to do “tailstands” and backflips.

The class went by so fast and was so fun that I didn’t even realize till hours later that I had been tricked into voluntarily doing an hour of exercise. I’m still kind of mad about it.

Final Mermaid Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it—this class was cool and while it wasn’t a crazy hard sweat-fest, it’s perfect for people who want or need a more low impact workout. Parts of the class were a *bit* too cutesy for my taste—referring to ourselves as “Mermaid [Name]” got pretty old pretty fast. But, ultimately, the class provided up with some laughs, a sneaky-yet-effective workout, and the right to brag to all our friends that we spent an afternoon living out our Disney fantasies.

Find AquaMermaid Chicago at:
211 S. Laflin Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(866) 279–2762