A cat lady’s dream come true.

No matter how stressful life gets, just know that there is a cat sanctuary peacefully waiting for you in Hawaii. Yes, seriously—it’s a place for you to literally sit in a field with a bunch of cats who just want your love and affection.

‘Mean Girls’

I know it’s a lot to take in.

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is located on the small Hawaiian Island of Lanai, home to around 500 cats of all different breeds, sizes, and personalities. The cats roam freely around the 25,000 square foot sanctuary as they please—no cages, no confinement, no nothing!

Visitors can go chill, pet and play with any of the cats between 10am-3pm every day. Sure, they might be hiding out in one of the barns or under a chair—but from the looks of these pictures, it appears there’s an abundance of playful kitties. Who knows—maybe you can make a new friend!

If you do make a new friend, the cats are available for foster or adoption—so yes, you can possibly end up with one in your suitcase. If the cats don’t get adopted, they get to live a happy (and free!) life in the sanctuary. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Look at all the love these kitties have to offer this lucky lady.

Don’t ever say cats don’t have loving personalities, because LOOK AT THIS.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate this cutie.

They’re just waiting to greet you.

They can come home with you, too!

Just imagine all those head butts.

While they’re cuddly, they’re also extremely playful.

Yep, the kitty sanctuary is calling your name.

BRB, booking my trip to Hawaii.