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Weekends are like a long week’s exhale?—?they’re a time to see something other than supermarket aisles or the view from your desk. It’s important to find a vehicle that fits both your daily routine and your travel style.

Match the weekend destinations below to your ideal vehicle:

Getaway: Off the road, into the great outdoors

Do you heed the call of the wild and use weekends to disconnect via trips? If your dream digs is a rented cabin in Possum Kingdom State Park or you love going for hikes in Enchanted Rock Natural Area, a reliable SUV is the car for you. It’s spacious enough to stash your mountain bike and make camping a breeze.

If you’re headed for a rougher destination, you need to ramp up your vehicle choice. Or lift it up. If there’s off-roading or mudding involved, a lifted truck can easily handle the trails. Vehicles like a Jeep Wrangler have durable off-road parts for weathering tough terrain. Look for trucks with features like underbody protection, hill descent control, hill start assist, upgraded suspension and controlled traction control.

Getaway: In and around the water

If your ideal summer weekend is taking the boat out to fish for bass on Lake Whitney or go tubing with the kids, choose a truck or SUV with solid towing ability. Pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 or even just a full-size SUV have strong full-steel ladder frames. Regular SUVs are capable of towing heavy boats without cramping your street style?—?just be careful not to buy too much boat.

Abigail Keenan | Unsplash

Getaway: Road tripping

So you can’t resist the call of the open road. We get it: warm weather is all about blasting Tom Petty and feeling the wind in your hair. Maybe you’re driving out to Hill Country for brewery beer and BBQ; maybe you’re just hitting some antique shops with your spouse. Wherever you’re headed, accommodate the crew with a reliable car that’s equal parts comfortable and spacious. If you can swing it, try a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz E Class Sedan that’s stylish to impress at home and well-equipped for those longer trips. Or find a no-frills car with solid fuel economy that still boasts major comfort. Oh?—?and don’t forget to make a killer playlist.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new set of wheels for weekend trips, find a used or pre-owned vehicle at an affordable price and a lifetime powertrain warranty at Legend Auto, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas communities.