Eating healthy isn’t as easy as everyone wants to make it seem. In fact, it’s kind of awful.

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But as stock photo models and straws tell us, drinking superfoods is much more fun and makes you look v cool.

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So, in the name of being healthy while looking cool, I present you: Turmeric Milkshakes.

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The base of these milkshakes is what is known as “Golden Milk,” a combination of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey and black pepper mixed into a non-dairy milk base (almond, soy, coconut etc).

Despite the fact that “Golden Milk” sounds like it comes from Willy Wonka’s magic cows, it’s actually great for you and boasts crazy amounts of anti-inflammatory benefits—think relief from gas, period discomfort, bruises and general swelling. People are even making masks out of it (go ahead and try if you don’t mind the risk of looking like Lisa Simpson afterward).

But to sweeten golden milk into something more palatable for the masses, countless recipes have popped up for smoothie and milkshake varieties that are definitely worth a try.

The standard milkshake combines golden milk with coconut ice cream, pineapple, olive oil and a probiotic boost if you’re really on a health kick.

While traditional smoothie recipes call for a variety of fruits, try freshening up the spice blend in this mixture with added oranges, mangos or bananas so you give the yellow dye a time to shine.

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For those who still want to go green with their smoothies, this version adds kale and ginger, turmeric’s more mainstream cousin.

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And most importantly, for the people looking to go sweet (my kind of people) this chocolate masterpiece is right up our alley.

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Pro Tip: No matter which recipe you choose, adding a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of black pepper will increase the bio-avaiability of the turmeric (aka it helps your body absorb the turmeric for the best results).