Two people in need of love found it.

The New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s newfound relationship with the widow of his dead brother hadn’t been published long before the outrage began.

“That’s just f*cking weird and creepy,” said one commenter on the Post’s Facebook page. “He had his eye on that piece of ass since day one,” said another.

The malicious, judgmental comments seemed never-ending. Some went so far as to call it incest?—?even though Hunter, a 47-year-old lawyer who is the younger of Joe Biden’s two sons, and Hallie, who was married to Hunter’s older brother Beau when Beau died of brain cancer in 2015?—?aren’t related by blood.

Beau and Hallie Biden before Beau’s death in 2015. |

Meanwhile, the Post and others tried their damndest to make the story appear juicier than it was. “Exclusive: Beau Biden’s widow having an affair with his married brother,” ran the Page Six headline. If you read past the first paragraph, though, you’d quickly see that Hunter and his wife, Kathleen, have been separated for almost a year and a half.

In other words, there’s no evidence at all that there was any cheating happening.

The Daily Mail and other outlets ran similarly misleading headlines, causing commenters to accuse the pair of “messing around.”

Now let me quickly say something that isn’t (and shouldn’t be) controversial: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hallie Biden getting together with her dead husband’s brother. Nada. Zilch.

First and foremost, both marriages are long over, and consenting adults may get together (or not) as they see fit.

Number 2: Yes, there are over 7.5 billion people in the world. Hunter and Hallie could have found other partners. But sometimes the people you’re closest to are the ones who best understand you. And the people who best understand you can provide the best support with which to navigate life’s hardships.

Kathleen and Hunter Biden, who separated in 2015. | Getty

Number 3: The Biden family has been through an incredible amount of grief and however they wish to deal with it is their prerogative. Nasty news stories about their personal lives are the last things that grieving people need.

Number 4: If Joe Biden doesn’t have a problem with it, neither should we.

Number 5: There’s a Biblical requirement that a man should marry his brother’s wife if his brother dies. Okay, fine?—?I don’t believe people should live their lives according to the Bible. Because there’s some seriously weird stuff in there.

I do, however, believe we should find more important things than this non-story on which to focus our limited attention. So let’s get back to it.