Consider it a spa treatment for your lady bits.


I’ll be honest with you: I had no idea what a sheet mask was before today, so when I read a Nylon article that said I should be putting one on my vagina, I tuned in. After reading the headline, “Should You Sheet Mask Your Vagina?” I immediately turned to my coworker, “What the fuck is a sheet mask?!”

She knew exactly what I was referring to. Without skipping a beat, she responded,“Those things you see girls wearing all over social media. They’re paper masks that are good for your skin, but you look like Hannibal Lector with it on. It’s very ‘basic girl,’ but also fun.”

Ah! I knew precisely what she was talking about. Indeed, these scary paper masks have been flooding my feeds for months. I’d managed to scroll on without acknowledging their purpose. But as quickly as I’d learned the purpose of sheet masks, I discovered they already found an alternative purpose within beauty: the vagina-care sector.

As I mentioned, leaders within the beauty industry are claiming that sheet masking your vagina is a thing. Ladies are using these masks—designed to keep your skin soft, supple and glowing— and smacking them onto their vulvas.

Hmmmk. I follow. Your girl goes through a lot. She deserves the full spa treatment just as much as your face. The regiment is said to aid in post-shave rash and bumps and is best practiced on a freshly shaved vaheen, just out of the shower.

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, gave Refinery29 tips on on finding the perfect sheet mask. “Most sheet masks are very gentle, calming, and hydrating. Look for chamomile, feverfew, aloe, and rose oil,” said Bowe. Of course, it’s a sensitive and precious area, so handle with care. Dr. Bowe suggests using a mask that doesn’t contain a retinoid or powerful alpha/beta hydroxy acids. Such ingredients could irritate the skin after shaving or waxing.

So, for those who feel they deserve a little extra “me time,” take a half hour to get real luxurious with your southern regions. Run a bubble bath, slap on two masks (one for your face and one for your lower half), and robe up with a little champagne and “Golden Girls.”

“Basic, but fun,” is beautiful.