Mermaid thighs just bye Felicia-ed the thigh gap in the best way.

The ridiculous body trends that have made their way around the internet are pretty repulsive. They celebrate an “ideal” body type that, for most women, isn’t normal or healthy. From the thigh gap to the ab crack to the A4 Waist Challenge where women attempted to hide their waist behind a piece of paper, there are several internet fads promoting shitty self-esteem in young women.

Until now.

To shut down the internet’s fascination with the “thigh gap”—aka that space between your legs that may or may not exist—women are spreading the hashtag #MermaidThighs to promote body-positivity. Confident ladies are posting pictures on social media of their thighs naturally touching and fucking owning it—because lets be real: If your thighs touch, you’re one step closer to becoming a mermaid, so you basically win at life.

Women are sharing pictures on social media proudly flaunting their touching thighs.

The #MermaidThighs hashtag reminds women that they should love their natural bodies.

Especially when you’re one step closer to becoming a real life mermaid.

It’s great to see women coming together to support a body-positive trend.

Embrace your mermaid thighs.