Blood, sweat and spells ?

It’s never been a better time to turn to the dark side. W magazine has officially declared fall 2016 the year of the witch. Crystals are commonplace, covens are the new book clubs, and yes, now there’s even a way to get witchy with your workout, too.

Bad Witch Workout/Gala Darling

If you’re turned off by perky SoulCycle workouts or push-til-you-puke bootcamps, meet Ammo O’Day. She’s a former occult-shop girl turned Equinox fitness guru turned personal training witch. O’Day’s sweat sessions start with a tarot reading to properly assess a client’s mental and spiritual state, then a Reiki or energy work session. The otherworldly sessions with the self-described “fitness witch” incorporate fitness and nutrition with a spiritual slant designed to whip you into your healthiest state.

Fitness Witch/Ammo O’Day

Or try author and blogger Gala Darling’s new Bad Witch Workout on for size. The class is a fusion of spiritual and physical development via a mix of calisthenics, yoga, strength-building and stretching. Class concludes with a hypnosis session similar to a deep meditation, in which participants lay back on their mats and visualize attaining a goal.

Bad Witch Workout/Gala Darling

While the classes are only available in NYC at the moment, Darling has plans to expand online in the near future. Whose abs couldn’t benefit from a little magic?