Ines Vuckovic/Dose

Sponsored by Lime-A-Rita

“Does my ? look ? in these ??” “Nice ?!” “Get your ? over here!” In text speak, we know the peach emoji represents more than just a healthy snack. With its high round curves, fleshy color and cute cleft, our favorite fruit-moji looks like, well, a butt.

While ladies round the world have been using the peach as a stand-in for their own beautiful backsides since its roll out in 2010, let’s be honest?—?no two donks are identical. What if your butt’s not so heart-shaped or peach-hued? What if it’s a little less…round than the average peach?

Well move over, one-size fits all booty-moji! You can now customize your peach to show what you’re working with thanks to a new microsite for Peach-A-Rita, the latest addition to the Lime-A-Rita family.

Here’s how it works: Once you get your keister over to the site (and verify that you’re old enough to enjoy a Peach-A-Rita), you have the option to adjust the size, shape, color, and (best of all) glow of your emoji. Got an 8 oz. can that’s fashionably flat? Or a big ol’ booty that’s seen some sun? Slim or curvy, basic or bubbly, you have the power to make your peach as ravishing as your own rump.

When you’re done, share that derrière! Show your girls, your boo, and whoever else might enjoy a little treat for the eyes. Don’t be shy, girl! Every peach is booty-ful.

Big fan of the fuzzy fruit? Grab a Peach-A-Rita, the the limited time only drink that combines the sweet flavors of a juicy peach with a fresh margarita twist. See you at brunch! ?