Consumers have changed.
Why haven’t consumer insights changed, too?

Dose is a modern market research solution that helps you discover what consumers really want by measuring what they do, not what they say.

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These brands did:

What we do.

At a fork in the road? We help you find the smartest path forward, from product innovation to personalized marketing messages.

Innovate to Break Through

  • Understand consumers’ true problems, wants and needs
  • Test new products, ideas and solutions
  • Develop and optimize concepts ahead of launch
  • Explore future benefits, claims and features

Innovate to Break Through

Understand Your Customer Better

  • Find new target groups
  • Understand consumer motivations
  • Access authentic, unfiltered feedback

Understand Your Customer Better

Position to Win

  • Test packaging concepts
  • Effectively communicate benefits, claims and attributes
  • Discover new use cases and occasions

Position to Win

Maximize Messages and Creative

  • Pre-test creative concepts
  • Pinpoint the right marketing messages
  • Personalize messages for defined groups
  • Find the right tone, language, content types and visuals

Maximize Messages and Creative

How we do it.

We bring market research to social media, where your consumers already live.

Step one

1. Scope the test

We turn your big consumer questions into lots of smaller questions to tackle them from all angles.

2. Create the assets

We create hundreds of test assets for nuanced learnings that blend into consumers’ social feeds and talk the way they talk.

Step two
Step three

3. Run the test on social

We upload assets using a platform that bypasses social media's back-end so we can run sound tests. These assets show up as sponsored posts in social feeds. We reach about 1M real people not part of panels to give you deep, unfiltered insights.

4. Deliver actionable insights

No data dumps, no dashboards. We analyze quantitative data and qualitative consumer verbatims to give you the ‘what’ and the ‘why.’

Step four
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The numbers don't lie.

We help brands make faster, better decisions in today's on-demand economy.